Explore the "Planet Japan"

Your private guide will escort to explore the world you have yet to discover –
Visiting historic post towns on Samurai trails, meeting the local wood craftsman with over 1,200 years of history,
and appreciating traditional tea culture at Japan’s tea mecca.
All experiences will provide with you an amazing encounter as if you are travelling to another planet.
Stay at a private Kominka villa resort, enjoy local gastronomic delights,
and just indulge in the unique luxury escapes that Zenagi has to offer.
Exploring the Nakasendo trails allows you to rediscover the Samurai’s travel experience.
Tsumago-juku, the well-preserved historic post town invites you to travel back in time to the Samurai period.
Encounter the master woodturner,
who has inherited over 1,200 years of traditional techniques
and appreciate their craftsmanship.
Discover green tea culture – from tea farming, tea ceramic art to authentic tea ceremony by visiting the Japanese tea mecca established by Samurai.
Tea party in the beautiful nature will make the visit even more memorable

Adventure with Olympians

Set out for exclusive outdoor activities guided by former Olympians at the nature reserve
where you have the whole nature of the Kiso area all to yourself.
Zen practices are often described as “Cleansing your heart”.
Zen meditation and Zen Mondo (or Zen riddles) in serene nature will help you find peace of your mind.
Pilgrimage to Mt. Ontake, worshiped as the sacred mountain since the old Stone Age will let you discover the roots of Japanese soul.
Take off to the sky for the breathtaking views of Japanese beautiful Satoyama landscapes from up above at 1,500 meters high.

Explore the "Planet Japan"
The best tailor-made holiday at Zenagi



Preah Soramarith-Kosamak National Park (Kirirom), Phnom Srouch District, Kampong Speu Province, Kingdom Of Cambodia., 46, Traeng Trayueng